This Sunday marks the opening of Brooke Griffith’s new show, Flora & Fauna: The Gilded South, in the TVC Gallery (aka the Living Room at TVC Main). Griffith is an artist and designer who’s been attending TVC since 2011. Originally from East Tennessee, she came to Nashville to earn her BFA at Belmont University. By day she’s an art teacher, freelance designer and the owner and designer of Glen & Effie, a jewelry company she founded.

Raised on southern hymns and several acres of woods, she is a lover of projects and prompts, using her surroundings and experiences to generate drawings, paintings and designs. With a wide background in several creative fields, her visual art allows her to reflect on observations of the South all while working out questions of her own.

Largely influenced by her childhood spent outdoors, Griffith finds inspiration in nature and the classical, ethereal interpretations of it by artists throughout history. Exploring these themes, she seeks to create an open-ended visual dialogue to shed light on the ever-evolving relationship of the creator and the created.

Using a muted color palette, birch wood and hand-mixed gold pigment, this new show highlights observations of the South’s diverse flora and fauna — drawing inspiration from historical renderings andstudies as well as the classical practice of French gilding. Each composition seeks to frame and illuminate the seemingly simple, in the same way the famed and celebrated have been portrayed in prominent halls and cathedrals throughout history.

So stop by the Living Room after church this Sunday for a reception to celebrate this new show. Grab a cup of coffee, take in the artwork and meet the artist. Then make plans to return on Friday night for our Creative Arts Potluck. You don’t need to be a professional artist to attend. In fact, you don’t have to have any artistic ability at all. These potlucks are open to anyone with an interest in creativity and the arts.