The Village Chapel is a popular wedding venue, but what’s the process for getting married at TVC? Since our church staff stays busy with regular TVC programming, we only allow regular attenders of TVC to hold their ceremonies at either our St. Bernard Building at TVC East. For these purposes, we define regular attendance as someone who has been attending TVC for six months or more and is involved in the church’s community life.

We have four part-time coordinators that take turns serving as point person for TVC weddings and they’ll work with you on all the details of your ceremony. While we try to keep costs reasonable, we do need to cover our expenses, so the standard cost to get married at TVC is $650, which includes a two-hour rehearsal the day before the ceremony and four hours of access to the building for the wedding ceremony (additional hours and services may be added). An information packet is sent out to prospective brides and grooms who fill out this form, spelling out all rules and fees.  

We recognize that the foundation for a successful marriage starts long before the actual ceremony, that’s why we also require any couples getting married at The Village Chapel to go through our own Marriage Prep. This includes attending five to six premarital counseling sessions as well as meeting with Pastor Jim, serving together as a couple in the nursery and at a Second Saturday of City Service, reading through two books recommended by TVC as a couple and meeting with two other couples at TVC chosen to serve as marriage mentors.

Ceremonies can be held at TVC any time on a Saturday, but we do have to reset the Chapel and other rooms for our Sunday morning services. This means that if you wish to have an evening ceremony, the wedding party and all equipment needs out of the building by 9 pm. Because of his busy Sunday schedule, Pastor Jim typically doesn’t perform any ceremonies later than 2 pm. You are also free to have an alternate pastor of your choosing perform your ceremony, whether they’re from TVC or elsewhere.

There is an additional fee for TVC’s Marriage Prep program to cover the cost of premarital counseling, which is done by a licensed counselor. TVC contributes $250 to that cost and couples are required to provide the other $250. And you don’t have to get married at TVC to take advantage of our Marriage Prep program. Even if your service will be held elsewhere, your church would love to help you prepare spiritually for your big day.

We are excited to celebrate along with TVCers as they begin their journey together as husband and wife, and we take seriously our role in helping prepare them to enter this sacred covenant. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected].