A short-term missions team from The Village Chapel will head out this Saturday on a nine-day trip to Guatemala where they will serve two new villages. This country is close to our hearts, with a connection can be traced to the children we sponsor in the region. TVCers past and present currently sponsor 200 students in four villages in Guatemala through the ministry of Compassion International. But it was TVC who started the trend by sponsoring a child back in our church earliest days. We’ve also seen the work firsthand, with TVC sending five mission teams to the village of Patzicia since 2007. This latest group will be our sixth TVC missions trip to the country.

Since this is trip marks our first time to these new villages, the team will be getting tours of the facilities, visiting classrooms, starting to build relationships with the staff and families and visiting homes. They will participate in “a day in the life” activities, shadowing families in their normal routine, which may include working in the fields, collecting water, going to the market, selling at the market, cleaning house, feeding animals, etc. They’ll also tackle a missions project in each community.

The project in the small town of Las Victorias (approximate population: 2,500) will include helping to finish their new “Early Stimulation Classroom.” Our team will be tiling floors, painting wall murals, and possibly installing windows and doors. Then in Santa Apolonia (approximate population: 11,000), the team will be doing all of the same things as above and helping build stairs to their new second level of classrooms.

Please be praying for our team as they prepare for departure this week and next week as they serve these villages in Guatemala and each other. Team members for Guatemala 2018 include Grace Bronleewe, Karin Bronleewe, Matt Bronleewe, Adynn Cluver, Cora Cluver, Emma Cluver, Ross Cluver, Sophie Cluver, Noah Guthrie, Sharon Harper, Melissa Herrera, Kathryn Horn, Mike Lenda, Pleshetta Loftin, Abby Oaks, Dave Puncochar and Jillian Sceski.