Launched in January 2016, With Hope In Mind is a faith-based mental illness family support group meeting at 3 pm on the fourth Sunday of each month at TVC East. Facilitated by our own Bill and Mary Jean Murphy, the group is open to the greater Nashville community and provides a safe place for family members and caregivers to share their experiences.

With Hope In Mind is offered in association with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). The Murphys have undergone extensive training in order to become what NAMI calls community advocates, including attending “The Gathering on Mental Health and the Church” in California last fall, co-sponsored by Saddleback Church and NAMI.

While serving as part of TVC’s Prayer Team, the Murphys noted that a significantly large number of individuals and families seeking prayer were dealing with the mental health issues of a loved one. “There is, it seems, almost no extended family – in or out of the Church — that’s not affected by a serious mental health issue,” the couple explains, when asked why this group is so needed right now. “Mental illness continues to be seen by many in the Church as a spiritual deficiency or character flaw that can be overcome by more prayer and Bible study,” they add.

When the Murphys met more than 43 years ago, both were mental health professionals. Building on their decades of experience in this and related  fields, this new group sees this couple coming full circle. The next meeting of WHIM is THIS SUNDAY at 3 pm at TVC East in the Chapel. No RSVP necessary. We hope to see you there.