Women are encouraged to join us as we gather this summer to discuss the beauty, intricacies and struggles within the relationships between parents and adult children. At this two-part panel-led discussion, scheduled for June 23 and July 18, you’ll get fellowship, seasonal cuisine and some good information — food for thought and for your belly!

Even if you aren’t currently in this stage of life, you can still glean some good information from the discussion. The panel discussions will include a diverse group of TVC ladies who not only have real-life experience, but more importantly draw from a deep desire to have all relationships rooted in God’s love and truth. We don’t have it all figured out and are ever “working out our faith with fear and trembling.” However, together within God’s community, we can grow through education, honesty and a shared desire to help others whenever we can, however we can.

Sign up at women.thevillagechapel.com, and read on for details of each event.

Session One: Finding Our Footing in Seasons of Change Within the Parent and Adult Child Relationship
Saturday, June 23
10:30 am-12:30 pm
the Chapel at TVC East
(brunch provided)

What happens after we “train them up in the way they should go” and they go? When they are entering college and beginning careers, how can we, as parents, continue to have a voice in their lives? As they are surrounded by new influences and independence, what areas of their life should we speak into and how can we do it without provoking frustration? What if our voice isn’t welcome? What if they are wandering from their faith?

And for those new on the adult child side, how do you honor your parents while still creating your own space and independence as you head to college, begin a career, get married or have children? Questions like, “How do I lovingly address my parents still checking in on me, doubting me and constantly questioning my choices?” or “What if my parents don’t respect my choices as a parent? How do I include them while creating healthy boundaries?”


Session Two: The Long Walk Home — the Adult Child and Elderly Parent Relationship
Wednesday, July 18
6:30-8:30 pm
the Family Room at TVC Main
(finger foods and dessert provided)

Some of us are already familiar with the tightrope walk that is assisting our aging parent. Others will experience it sooner rather than later. How do we balance trying to give them a voice, some space and dignity with the fact that they now need more care from us? And as the relationship shifts and we find ourselves parenting our parents, how do we mourn those changes and prepare for the ones to come? In this season, questions start to arise like, “Do they need to move out of their home?” “How do I share concerns and responsibility with siblings and extended family?” “What is the next step in the long-term plan?” “Who is helping me as I help them?” and “How do I share God’s love with them in this stage of life?”