Founded in 1950, World Vision is an international Christian humanitarian organization that demonstrates God’s unconditional love for all people, primarily by tackling poverty and injustice. Since its inception, World Vision has ministered to the poor and abused in some of the most difficult places and passionately believes that no situation is hopeless.

World Vision addresses immediate needs by providing emergency assistance to children and families affected by natural disasters and civil conflict. They also work with communities to develop lasting solutions to the root causes of poverty and injustice through education, access to clean water, healthcare, sustainable food sources, economic development and child protection and sponsorship. They currently help more than 4 million children in nearly 100 countries.

World Vision’s prayer is that all its efforts will be used by God to heal and strengthen people’s relationships with Him and one another. World Vision partners with churches to encourage spiritual transformation in those being served.

Through your gifts and prayers, The Village Chapel has joined World Vision to provide emergency assistance to victims of war and natural disasters in places around the world where World Vision is already on the ground. Also, for several years, the TVC Youth Group has served with World Vision in West Virginia through summer mission trips to Appalachia.

If you would like to support the mission of World Vision, they invite you to show God’s love in a personal way by sponsoring a child in need. For $39 a month, you’ll help a child, their family and community to tackle the root causes of poverty. For more information, visit