Put feet to your faith on Saturday, February 10, when we need a team of volunteers to serve brunch and host games and crafts for a group of moms and their children at The Next Door. We’ll meet together at 8:15 am in the Living Room at TVC Main before departing to our worksite.

The Christian church does not exist merely for itself. We are here first and foremost to glorify God and then to become the arms of Jesus reaching out to a broken and hurting world. This outreach requires both words and deeds. The words of the Christian mission proclaim the good news of God’s grace offered through Jesus. The deeds involve reaching out in love to help the helpless, bring comfort to the grieving, justice to the oppressed and relief to the poor.

        That’s why, at TVC, we devote the second Saturday of each month to serving local missions organizations. Sign up for February’s project at missions.thevillagechapel.com. Questions? Email [email protected].