myTVC is The Village Chapel’s online community. Different than our church website, this internet-based software application is designed to promote communication and connection within our church community. It also provides the church staff with efficient and effective tools and systems to enable them to spend less time on administration and more time on ministry.

As a regular attender of The Village Chapel, we encourage you to become part of the myTVC online community. It will allow you to get connected and stay informed about programming and volunteer opportunities, sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, give online and much more.

While our website is public, the myTVC online community is private. Only those who have approved logins and passwords assigned to them can obtain access to the myTVC community. Additionally, individual members have the ability to establish and manage their own “privacy settings” in order to personalize whatever level of privacy they feel most comfortable with. We make it clear to all participants that myTVC is intended for personal and ministry use and not for solicitation of any kind.

We realize that a system like myTVC comes with a learning curve, but we’re confident that those who do invest in learning and using myTVC will find it to be an effective tool and will enjoy the benefits.

For more details on how to sign up, or how to configure your account profile and get involved, go to

If you already have a myTVC profile, the New Year is a great time to log in and make sure your information is up-to-date, add or update your profile picture and review your account settings.