Through your financial support of The Village Chapel you also help organizations in our backyard and around the world. One of those worthy ministries is Men of Valor, a Nashville based prison ministry whose mission is to win men in prison to Jesus Christ and disciple them. The overarching purpose is then to equip these men to re-enter society as men of integrity – becoming givers to the community rather than takers. 

Hopelessness runs rampant inside the prison walls, and the needs are immense for a man who is trying to successfully re-enter society following a period of incarceration and facing the realities of life with a felony conviction. Programming inside four area prisons is followed by an opportunity to participate in a residential, one-year discipleship and manhood training program upon a man’s release from prison. 

By partnering with Men of Valor through prayer, financial support, as volunteers and as board members, the body of Christ at The Village Chapel is offering true Hope to these men, and consequently, to their families — hope to experience a personal relationship with Jesus, hope to be loved, hope to be accepted and hope to be able to end the generational cycle of poverty and crime in their families.

The ministry will be having a groundbreaking celebration and prayer walk at their new 26-acre campus in May. This campus, which will initially house 60-90 men, is projected to open in late 2017. Volunteer opportunities include prayer warriors, mentors, class facilitators inside and outside of prison and many, many more options.  If you are interested in finding out more about Men of Valor, contact Tevin Peterson at [email protected] or go to